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These days, many ordinary people are worried about the effect of low interest rates on their capital sat in the bank. The reality is even worse as those rates are generally lower than the rate of inflation in Spain. This effectively means that inflation is eroding the value of your money over time. Therefore in the future your money will not be able to buy as much.

So what can you do about it?

The answer is simple but the execution needs skill and expertise - Build an Investment Portfolio.

We have many years of experience in wealth management with access to some of the world's best managed funds and collective investment schemes. Our client's portfolios are tailored to the individual's needs - whether growth, income or a mixture of both are required. Our mission is to provide an exemplary and ethical service to our clients and their families in Spain or elsewhere. Whatever your financial goals, it is important that you plan in advance and use a company you can trust to deliver a solution bespoke to your needs and aspirations.

We are at the leading edge of international wealth management, with a proven track record and respected brand we are truly proud of.


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Protection with Growth and Diversity

Our clients are mainly cautious to balanced in their attitude to risk so we build their portfolios accordingly.

The protection of your capital is our priority.

In the modern global economy opportunities exist on a world wide scale. Actively managed funds can tap into global growth and deliver performance over a diverse range of assets and financial instruments. Within tax efficient and appropriate investment structures we provide bespoke portfolios for our clients and aim to outperform service expectations.

Alejandro Alfonso Santos Financial Adviser
Alejandro Alfonso Santos
Financial Management Consultant


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